Frequently Asked Questions

The needs of each grower are different and therefore, it is unrealistic to believe a software package could meet all of the needs of all growers. Today, many growers utilize multiple software applications provided by different companies, but each of these applications have their own look and feel and create a separate “silo” of data. Many of these companies are also aiming to be a single solution vendor, rather than being the best at delivering a specific piece of the total needs of a grower.

Ag Pro Exchange recognizes there is a need to provide a solution for growers to collect, store, organize and share their data and information because this will enable current and future service partners and technology providers to deliver better products and services to growers. AgXchange is an open platform that enables any software manufacturer, any device manufacturer, or any data analysis service to create integrated applications and services to provide value to the growers based on their needs and choices. Therefore, the Ag Pro Exchange approach is to be an agnostic player in the industry that fulfills an unmet need, but enables existing and future industry participants to deliver greater innovation to agriculture.

Ag Pro Exchange believes growers own any data or information generated from their operations. This philosophy is evidenced through its partnership with Grower Information Services Cooperative; more information is posted within the FAQs on the GiSC website. Ag Pro Exchange and GiSC believe an open platform, AgXchange, is needed to enable growers to collect, organize, store and share their information. In addition, AgXchange will be open to any industry service or technology provider, but growers will be able to control their interactions and exchanges of information with them.
The initial funding for Ag Pro Exchange was secured from angel investors, many of which are growers that recognize the value AgXchange can bring to the agriculture industry. In addition, Ag Pro Exchange has secured funding from a Fortune 500 company from outside the agriculture industry. A key principle for Ag Pro Exchange is to remain agnostic and to best represent the interests of growers in developing its products and services. This principle extends to Ag Pro Exchange’s philosophy on securing investments.
AgXchange is currently in Beta testing with growers and will be released in Fall 2015. Like many software platforms on the market today, AgXchange will offer some highly beneficial functionality for free, but additional functionality and services will be available for a fee.